Our challenge as educators is to build a learning community in partnership with the home and Parish, which models relationships based on:

  • mutual respect
  • the affirmation and welcoming of individual differences
  • sharing and forgiveness
  • collaboration and support
  • generosity, gratitude and service

Our educational endeavours combine so that our students will be confident life-long learners who are encouraged to serve others and to embrace the fullness of life in their society as they become effective global citizens.

Role Name
Principal Tony Calabria
Assistant Principal Michelle Yager
Religious Education Coordinator Jocelyn Williams
Coordinators Theresa Lowden (Stage 3 - Years 5 & 6)
Jasna Rubelj (Stage 2 - Years 3 & 4)
Megan Aberley (Stage 1 - Kindy, Year 1 & 2)
6 Blue Stephen Lee
6 Green Amanda Olgivie
6 Yellow Jana Fizely
5 Blue Theresa Lowden
5 Green Gabrielle Joice
5 Yellow Tahlee Simpson
4 Blue Simone Di Stefano
4 Green Lee Hurst
4 Yellow Elizabeth Kelly
3 Blue Rosanne Javidi
3 Green Jenny Petras & Natalie Newbury
3 Yellow Jasna Rubelj
2 Blue Catherine Bateman
2 Green Michelle Szady
2 Yellow Megan Aberley
1 Blue Suzette Lewis-Driver
1 Green Kristy Smith
1 Yellow Jocelyn Williams
K Blue Karen Wilson
K Green Leisa Claxton
K Yellow Anthony Stagnitta
Learning Support Brooke McDonald
Janine Kiaian
Lynne Sandri
Lucy Kaelin
Resource Centre Rosanne North (Teacher Librarian)
Karem Castro (Library Assistant)
Specialist Teachers &
Coordinators Release
Kerry Powell (Music)
Andra Hemmings (Physical Education)
Lucy Kaelin (2Y and Learning Support)
Lynne Sandri (3Y and Learning Support)
Julie Grunberg (5B)
Natalie Moller (1Y)
Teachers' Aides Bernadette Melville
Karem Castro
Karen Mirabello
Kim Williams
Administration Liz Burke
Linda McKinnon
Lisa Martin
Kylie Ross
Maintenance Rick Laird
IT Trainee Andrew Losurdo
COSHC Supervisor Shameema Davids