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Educational Program

We believe that the children are central to all our endeavours so through effective teaching and learning we aim to allow our students to ‘let their light shine’.

Our educational endeavours combine so that our students will be confident life-long learners who are encouraged to serve others and to embrace the fullness of life in their society as they become effective global citizens.

St Angela’s teach the same curriculum as government schools although there is a strong religious element across all key learning areas. Expectations of achievement and conduct are high. With a strong focus on the individual, our broad curriculum is relevant to the students’ life experiences and promotes critical, creative and independent thinking.

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Catholic Out Of School Hours Care (COSHC)

Before and after school care is available on site at St Angela’s and is co-ordinated by the Catholic Education Office.

This service provides an interesting, caring and safe environment for St Angela's students where they can socialise, play games, complete activities or work on their homework.

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Extra Curricular & Special Programs

Special education programs at St Angela's reflect the community's commitment to inclusive practices and teaching programs.

Children are involved in as many co-curricular activities as their age would permit. Main activities include sport, creative arts, music, chess, performance club, choir, debating and animation club.

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Religious & Pastoral Programs

We believe that an essential part of Religious Education happens in a school culture which is grounded in faith, hope and love. The units set down in the diocesan program, Sharing our Story are taught in all grades across the school.

There is a Buddy Program in which Year 6 support the Kindergarten children in their transition to school.

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Community/Parent Involvement

There has been a strong partnership with the parents since the foundation of the school in establishing the school grounds and gardens, attendance at parent meetings, participation in school activities, feast days and fundraising. Contact the school today to get involved.

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