An Integrated Curriculum

St Angela’s teach the same curriculum as government schools although there is a strong religious element across all Key Learning Areas.

Expectations of achievement and conduct are high. With a strong focus on the individual, our broad curriculum is relevant to the students’ life experiences and promotes critical, creative and independent thinking:

  • A respect for the diversity of the intelligences of each child
  • Teaching strategies and experiences which respond to a range of individual learning styles and needs
  • Teaching methods that challenge children to develop as independent learners and achieve educational excellence
  • Purposeful integration across all Key Learning Areas
  • Cohesion across stages and grades with learning experiences and assessment practices
  • A commitment to Religious Education based on ‘Sharing Our Story’
  • Appropriate use of technology and information skills across Key Learning Areas
  • Opportunities for children to pursue their own gifts
  • An emphasis on the development of social skills and the ability to relate positively and effectively with each other
  • Provision for the professional development of the staff to meet curriculum and pedagogy changes
  • The importance of using modelling as a tool for teaching/learning
  • Ways for children to express their talents through physical activities and to use their leisure time creatively.