Key Learning Areas

Learning at St Angela’s is often integrated across several curriculum areas.

The classroom teacher ensures that the teaching program follows the guidelines set down by the NSW Board of Studies and covers all curriculum areas. The Key Learning Areas are:

  • Religious Education

  • English
    Reading and Viewing, Writing and Representing, Speaking and Listening

  • Mathematics
    Number and Algebra, Space and Measurement, Statistics and Probability, Working Mathematically

  • Science and Technology
    Built Environments, Information and Communications, Living Things, Physical Phenomena, Products and Services, The Earth and its Surroundings

  • Human Society and Its Environment
    History and Geography

  • Creative Arts
    Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance

  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
    Active lifestyle, dance, games and sports, growth and development, gymnastics, interpersonal relationships, personal health choices, safe living

Curriculum development is an ongoing process of professional development and parent education, so that we ensure quality provision of teaching/learning in the school.