Our Classrooms

A good classroom is one where the curriculum is child-centred.

It recognises individual differences and the importance of a student’s search for meaning. It provides opportunities for inquiry, learning, problem solving, group interaction, creative thinking and decision making.

Our classrooms are places where...

  • Christ is present in all that we do.

  • children are involved in hands-on activities… learning by doing!

  • there are quiet times for prayer, reading, individual work. There is also productive noise time where children express their understanding of various experiences.

  • provision is made for the many different individuals in the class. At any one time, children may be working on different tasks and activities at levels which reflect and challenge their ability.

  • children experience success and opportunities in the pursuit of personal excellence.

  • children interact readily and co-operatively in groups. They plan, share ideas and help each other.
  • children are encouraged to ask questions, relate experiences and express opinions and feelings.

  • children have many opportunities to investigate, solve problems, think logically and creatively, communicate findings and express themselves in music, drama and dance.

  • everyone is respected, valued and treated with dignity – children, teachers and visitors.

  • play is a means of learning and expressing one's self

  • there is an environment of welcome, warmth, security, freedom to take risks, self discipline, challenge and stimulation to learn.