Sports and Physical Education

Enable active, healthy lifestyles

Children are provided with a wide range of opportunities to develop skills and knowledge of games. Our children achieve success in a number of inter-school carnivals, including swimming, athletics, touch football, cross country, basketball and netball. A school swimming program is held towards the end of the year.

Children participate in a specialist PE lesson and a sports session each week.

Sports events during the year

Term 1
Diocesan Swimming Carnival, School Cross Country K-6, Soccer Gala Days
Term 2  Diocesan Cross Country, School Athletics Carnival, Infants Gross Motor
Term 3
Inter-school Netball Competition, Diocesan Athletics Carnival, Touch Gala Days, Dance Fever
Term 4 Life Saving Program Years 5-6, Swimming Program K-4

Selection Process

Where we are able to submit many teams we endeavour to allow a high representation of Year 6 children in their final year at St Angela’s. If we are restricted by limited teams by the organisers then we endeavour to select the most competitive possible team combination from all of the children trying out. Please be assured that we undertake selections seriously considering many aspects but all times ensuring the process is fair and unbiased.

Please note: Some of these school run activities/events are flexible and may be moved between terms. Children are also asked to wear their sports uniforms on their nominated PE and Sports days.

Sport Houses

There are four sport houses in the school. The names of these houses are connected to St Angela:

Merici Yellow Angela’s family name
Salo Red
The lakeside town where Angela stayed as a child
Brescia Green
The city where Angela spent most of her adult life
Garda Blue
The large lake in northern Italy on which Desenzano is situated.  This is the town where Angela was born and lived her early childhood.

All students are placed in a house when they enrol in the school and stay in the same house for the years they are at St Angela’s. Students in the one family are in the same house. Students are encouraged to take pride in their sports house and to support all the students in their house.

Sport Captains

Two Year 6 students lead each sport's house. These students are elected through voting at the end of their Year 5 year. The students in each individual house in Years 4 and 5 vote for their captains. These captains are regarded as team leaders and also assist the sport's coordinator with general sport procedures.